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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Critical Tax Conference at FSU

Some of the nation’s leading tax law faculty members will be at Florida State College of Law on April 4-5 for the 2008 Critical Tax Conference. Event hosts are Florida State prawfs Joseph Dodge, Brian Galle and  Charlene Luke. The annual conference has been in existence for about a decade and is hosted by a different institution each year. The event allows tax scholars to present their works-in-progress for feedback from peers. From the schedule, it looks like there will be some conversation about the nature of critical tax theory as well. This year's presenters include:

Yariv Brauner, University of Florida

Kim Brooks, McGill University

Neil Buchanan, George Washington University

Joseph Dodge, Florida State University

Brian Galle, Florida State University

Wendy Gerzog, University of Baltimore

Lily Kahng, Seattle University

Sarah Lawsky, George Washington University

Leandra Lederman, Indiana University

Charlene Luke, Florida State University

Beverly Moran, Vanderbilt University

Henry Ordower, St. Louis University

Diane Ring, Boston College

Mildred Robinson, University of Virginia

Nancy Shurtz, University of Oregon

Nancy Staudt, Northwestern University

You can find a pdf of the conference schedule here. I believe the sessions are open at least to faculty and probably others too. (Note to BDG: I have diligently scrubbed this post of all the obvious tax prof conference jokes.)

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"...all the obvious tax prof conference jokes..."

A critical tax conference? I'm not sure there's any tax conference we couldn't live without.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 3, 2008 10:38:25 AM

Can't resist pointing out that the really cool subject areas like tax and intellectual property are awash in brilliant and talented women law profs, and this conference roster helps highlight that (well, for tax, anyway).

Posted by: Ann Bartow | Apr 3, 2008 10:15:45 AM

Tax professor jokes!

Why did the tax professor fall asleep before he died?
His life flashed before his eyes.

How can you tell an extroverted tax professor?
He looks at your shoes when he's talking to you instead of at his own.

A woman hears from her doctor that she has only half a year to live. This is devastating news, of course, so she seeks a second opinion. The second doctor listens carefully to her symptoms, runs a number of tests, and finally says, "You should marry a tax professor and move to the far reaches of North Dakota."
The woman is relieved, but a little confused. "So that will cure me?" she says.
"Oh, no," says the second doctor, "but that'll be the longest six months you ever had."

However, I still do not know (a) how many tax professors it takes to change a light bulb or (b) why the tax professor crossed the road, and would appreciate input from others on these matters.

Posted by: Sarah L. | Apr 2, 2008 11:07:22 PM

We're grateful for the publicity, and certainly encourage the world to read the ultimate results of the conference proceedings, but attendance is by invitation solamente. I'm sure this disappoints the legions who would otherwise have hopped on Delta for an up-close view of tax theory in the making.

Posted by: BDG | Apr 2, 2008 10:07:19 PM

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