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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring Break on the Road...Academic Style

Greetings from NYC, where I'm in town for a few days. Tomorrow I'll be presenting Retributive Damages to the St. John's faculty. Very excited about that since I've just shipped off the most recent draft to the law reviews. It's my first piece about punitive damages but I've actually been toiling on this project since the fall of 2002. Talk about gestation. Anyway, I'll be getting a draft of that on SSRN soon.

I'll be here until Monday and then off to Tucson, AZ where I'll be presenting Punishing Family Status to the U. Arizona faculty next Thursday and probably pestering Jack Chin, Marc Miller, and Jonah Gelbach. After that, a couple days in Phoenix with some ASU friends and to say hi to Judge Hawkins and his former clerks, and then back to school. If you're a prawfs reader and on the itinerary, please feel free to drop a line.

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Hi Dan -- Be sure, in Phoenix, to eat at Carolina's and Los Dos Molinos!

Posted by: Rick Garnett | Mar 7, 2008 10:50:51 AM

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