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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Many thanks to our guest bloggers from the last month(s), including Eduardo Penalver, Rob Kar, Tommy Crocker, Tung Yin, and Howard Wasserman. Howard and some others may be lingering for a little while longer, but let me take a moment to welcome back (a bit belatedly) Mike Dimino (Widener, con law) and Michael O'Hear (Marquette, crim). Some other veterans may surprise us also. In the meantime, let me also share my excitement about a new voice to the guest ranks this month: Wes Oliver, also from Widener.

Wes' stint this month merits some attention because he is working with Joe Biden's Presidential campaign and will be campaigning with him in Iowa from Dec. 13 until the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3 -- so doubtless many of his posts will involve election issues -- though he promises not to blatantly campaign for his candidate. Wes also thought it worth mentioning that he and Mike Dimino are both colleagues and friends who typically debate each other for the students' amusement.  Last year they did the first ever "Con Law Smackdown," to which they  each entered to theme music ("See See Rider" for Wes.) These smackdowns might erupt in each other's posts and comments so don't fear if the level of conversation takes an uncharacteristic turn on Prawfs. On the other hand, there might just be learned disquisitions on 19th century police tactics, a topic also close to the heart of Wes.

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My entrance was to Johnny's Theme, from the (old) Tonight Show, yielding ridiculous comparisons both between me and Carson and between Wes and Elvis.

Posted by: Mike Dimino | Dec 1, 2007 7:17:19 PM

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