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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Law School Forum on Exam Questions

As Matt Bodie wrote a couple years ago (!) here:

As a recent article in the National Jurist noted, law professors are getting into this whole blogging thing.  And as law profs start putting their thoughts and ideas out there on the Internet, savvy students are learning that blawgs are a good source of additional information about the law.  And that's what you are, student Prawfsblawg reader -- savvy.  Smart.  And sophisticated, too.

As a service to our student readers, I'm creating a thread for any exam-related questions you might have about those upcoming monstrosities.  Let us know if you have specific questions about technique or general questions about overall approach.  Of course, some secrets have to stay in the old professorial vault, but we'll give you the inside scoop when we can.  Because we know that you're savvy, smart, and sophisticated, and we want you to stay that way.

If you're a prof, please weigh in as comments are posted.  I hope we can get a real dialogue going here. [Please note that there are a bunch of good comments and questions on Matt's post here so if you don't see your question raised there, please feel free to post it on the comments to this new thread.]

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