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Monday, October 01, 2007

Supreme Court Preview

Horwitzpreview_2     As the Supreme Court kicks off its Term, let me mark the occasion by noting that my own law school, the University of Alabama School of Law, last week offered a Supreme Court Preview, in which our professors discussed some of the Court's upcoming cases, including cases involving criminal sentencing, child pornography, the dormant Commerce Clause, the Securities Act, and other issues the Court will confront this year.  Visiting Professor Ron Krotoszynski also offers a discussion of some of the cases for which the Court has just granted cert, as well as a potential blockbuster still pending on the Court's cert docket involving the Second Amendment.  As the still shot indicates, yours truly also spoke, about the "Guantanamo" case, Boumediene v. Bush.  The whole thing is available online, segmented by speaker, and viewers are welcome.  You can find it here.  Enjoy. 

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