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Monday, October 08, 2007

Law Review Article Round-Up for the Fall 2007 Submission Cycle

Earlier this year, PrawfsBlawg hosted a round-up of law review articles that had been accepted during the spring submission cycle.  By the end of the cycle, we ended up with over 100 articles from the extremely productive members of the PrawfsBlawg community.  You can find those articles at this post; most listed articles have a link where you can find a draft of the article as well.

We will be continuing the series this fall with a round-up of current legal scholarship that has been placed during the fall submission cycle.  Law reviews generally accept articles for submission during two time periods: a spring cycle beginning in February and a fall cycle beginning in July/August. Although the articles have been submitted and accepted during the cycle, they may not come out for six months to a year from when they have been placed. SSRN and Bepress have filled in this gap to some extent, but at present there is no community forum for getting out the news of your new article and its (forthcoming) home.

In order to provide a community-wide source for news about submissions, I'll be compiling a list of articles that have been chosen for law review publication during this fall's submission cycle.  Just to clarify, I am looking only for articles, rather than essays, symposia pieces, or book reviews.  If you wish to be included in this fall's round-up, please send an email to this address (note: new address) with the following information:

  • Author[s ]
  • Title
  • Law review or other journal placement
  • Volume and year of publication (if available)
  • Link to your article at SSRN, Bepress, or institutional web site (if available)

I’ll collect the information and post it in about a week, with updates to follow as further submissions come in.

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