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Friday, October 26, 2007

2007 Round-Up for Articles Placed in Peer-Review Journals

Here is the first round of peer-review articles submitted by our readers.  The listings are below. Each listing has the author(s), title, journal, volume and date (if available), as well as a link to a draft of the article (if available).  And as per usual practice, I've put the articles in reverse alphabetical order.

The peer-review round-up was announced here.  Please let us know if you have a peer-reviewed article that was accepted this year.  Send the email to this address.  We'll be updating this list every few weeks through the end of the year.

UPDATE 10/26: New submissions added at the top.

Articles Accepted by Peer-Review Journals in 2007

Derek T. Muller, The Compact Clause and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, 6 Election L.J. 372 (2007).

Andrew Adler, Expanding the Scope of Museums' Ethical Obligations with Respect to Nazi-Looted Art: Incorporating Restitution Claims Based on Private Sales Made as a Direct Result of Persecution, 14 International Journal of Cultural Property 57 (2007).


Joshua C. Tate, Christianity and the Legal Status of Abandoned Children in the Later Roman Empire, 24 J.L. & Religion (forthcoming 2008).

Rafael I. Pardo, Eliminating the Judicial Function in Consumer Bankruptcy, 81 Am. Bankr. L.J. (forthcoming 2007).

Patrick S. O'Donnell, Social Norms & Law: An Introduction, Theory and Science, Vol. 9, Issue 2, 2007.

Jody Madeira, Blood Relations:  Collective Memory, Cultural Trauma, and the Prosecution and Execution of Timothy McVeigh, 42 Stud. in Law, Pol. & Soc'y.

Ethan J. Leib, Interpreting Statutes Passed Through Referendums, 7 Election L.J. _____ (forthcoming 2008) (faculty-edited).

Ethan J. Leib & David L. Ponet, Representation in America: Some Thoughts on Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Tim Johnson, and Deliberative Engagement, 17 The Good Society ____ (forthcoming 2008) (faculty-edited).

Ethan J. Leib, A Comparison of Criminal Jury Decision Rules in Democratic Countries, 5 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. ____ (forthcoming 2008) (faculty-edited).

Cindy D. Kam & Robert A. Mikos, Do Citizens Care About Federalism? An Experimental Test, 4 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 589 (Nov. 2007).

Anthony C. Infanti, Deconstructing the Duty to the Tax System: Unfettering Zealous Advocacy on Behalf of Lesbian and Gay Taxpayers, ___ Tax Law. ___ (2008).

Rebecca E. Hollander-Blumoff & Tom R. Tyler, Procedural Justice in Negotiation: Procedural Fairness, Outcome Acceptance, and Integrative Potential, Law & Social Inquiry, Spring 2008.

Michael A. Helfand, When Religious Practices Become Legal Obligations: Extending the Foreign Compulsion Defense, 23 J.L. Religion (forthcoming 2008).

Micheal W. Giles, Virginia Hettinger, Christopher Zorn, & Todd C. Peppers, The Etiology of the Occurrence of En Banc Review in the U.S. Courts of Appeals,  American Journal of Political Science vol. 51, pp. 449-63 (July 2007).

Victor Fleischer, Taxing Blackstone, Tax Law Review (forthcoming 2008).

Damon M. Cann & Jeff Yates, Homegrown Institutional Legitimacy: Assessing Citizens' Diffuse Support for their State Courts, American Politics Research, Volume 36, 2008.

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