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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Just a quick note to announce our great cast of guests visiting us this coming month: Rob Kar (jurisprudence, Loyola LA); Austen Parrish from Southwestern (about whose book on legal writing Paul blogged earlier); Jeremy Blumenthal (law and psychology, Syracuse); Alex Long (law and music, UTenn); Michael O'Shea (Civ Pro/Evidence, OKCU); and Geoffrey Rapp (corps and torts, Toledo, visiting at Utah); and Sam Kamin (Crim/pro, Denver).  The two three newbies to Prawfs are Austen, Sam, and Michael, so be kind to them...

And great gratitude is also warranted to the guests who provoked and entertained us the last couple months: Gowri Ramachandran, James Grimmelmann, Liz Glazer, Kim Ferzan, Andy Siegel, Scott Moss, Alexandra Lahav, Zak Kramer, and Bill Araiza.  Some of them may yet linger for a few more posts this month, but I wanted to use the end of the month as an opportunity to thank them for their wonderful contributions so far, and to remind them that we're looking forward to a speedy return.

Update: Astute readers might notice that Howard Wasserman's been sub'd out for Michael O'Shea. Sometimes the guest list I use in preparing these notices is outdated with subsequent exchanges of emails I have and occasionally I flub on who's in on which month. For those of you jonesing for Wasserman, he's be joining us later this fall for a stint.

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