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Monday, August 20, 2007

Updates to Family Ties and SSRN

Over the weekend, SSRN finally approved my posting of two new revised and final versions of some of my recent scholarship.  Over here you can find -- if SSRN has worked out its technology glitches -- my recent piece in the Texas Law Review: Wrong Turns on the Road to Alternative Sanctions: Reflections on the Future of Shaming Punishments and Restorative Justice

And here you can find the final version of Criminal Justice and the Challenge of Family Ties, which  I worked on with Ethan and Jennifer Collins, and which appeared last week in the August issue of the University of Illinois Law Review.  As I think I mentioned earlier on the blog, we are in the midst of writing a sequel to the Illinois piece that addresses the burdens or "taxes" -- as opposed to the benefits and privileges discussed in the Illy piece -- placed on family members  in the criminal justice system.  I reiterate this now because, over the weekend, I received a helpful and welcome email from someone who read the Illy piece with some suggestions for future inquiry. On the encouragement of some editors in the publishing industry, we are looking into publishing as a book our research and analysis on the benefits and burdens placed on family members in the criminal justice system; consequently, if you do read the Family Ties piece and have reactions or suggestions, please do send them along so we can revise accordingly. Many thanks.

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