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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Legal Scholarship Blog

Thank goodness for the free digital canopies at the Tallahassee Airport.

Just a quick note: a few weeks ago I posted a note about the development of a blog devoted to listing the 411 of legal conferences both domestically and internationally.  Turns out the people behind that blog from U. Dub have now joined forces with the folks at Pitt's School of Law, and together they have put together a wonderful website called the Legal Scholarship Blog, which tracks both conferences and workshops and provides links to some other helpful sites. Check it out.

Update: check this cool link out also, which has tons of information for your research dean. I wonder: now that this info is being so readily compiled and available, will the position of research dean become obsolete?? I think not if the role encompasses cajoling faculty to actually write, put their writing up on SSRN, promote their writing, organize workshops, etc.  But if the research dean serves to be strictly "a resource," then maybe they are obsolete...I'll wait for Bill Araiza and Jim Rossi to weigh in before deciding of course.

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