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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rotations and SEALS Get-together, Redux

Greetings from glorious Amelia Island, where a few of us are toiling at the arduous SEALS conference. Img002361

For the Prawfs crowd of readers, writers and friends here, I hope you'll join a few of us for an impromptu gathering of drinks tonight at the sports bar of the Ritz, after 9pm.

It is August 1st, and with that, some turnover here at Prawfs occurs.  Many thanks to all the wonderful guest bloggers we've had over the last couple months, including Lesley Wexler, Jonathan Simon, Laura Appleman, Gowri Ramachandran, Kim Ferzan, Brooks Holland, Kristin Hickman, Andy Siegel, Ann Bartow, and Jeff Lipshaw.

Rotating in we have Alexandra Lahav (UConn, complex litigation); Adam Kolber (neuroprawf from USD but visiting at Princeton this year); Liz Glazer (Hofstra); and Bill Araiza (assoc. dean at Loyola LA).  Stay tuned. And for what it's worth, now that the summer conference circuit is winding down, I expect that there will be a bit more blogging from the permaprawfs, especially from me.  Congrats in the meantime to Rick Garnett (see post below) on climbing Mt. Ranier. Awesome stuff.

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