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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nunchuk of the North

I am, by all accounts, a video game troglodyte.  I don't GET video games.  Well, at least most of them.  I liked Tetris and something called, I think, "Break Out" (you plinked away at bricks in a wall).

My son Matt just rented "The Bigs," the Major League Baseball Wii game.  Nobody else is around, so he was obliged to get me to play.  This is interesting.  You can get a real world injury snapping your wrist playing a virtual world game.  Didn't Joel Zumaya of the Tigers go on the disabled list last year for injuries incurred in playing "Guitar Hero?"  I am confused by all the buttons.  Where is Z?  Why is my outfielder just standing there with the ball?  Is there something intuitive to this that I am missing?  If I get hit by a pitch on the screen, can I punch out the pitcher in real life?  Do they have a Wii version of the hot dog eating championship?  Can I be Joey Chestnut?


Baffled Boomer

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