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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Algorithmically Generated Ads on Your Paper's SSRN Abstract Page

Brian Leiter posts about a bizarre juxtaposition of Google advertising on the abstract page of a SSRN-posted paper.  I confess to being so oblivious I didn't realize there were ads on the abstract pages.

But I was curious, so I looked quickly at my own "Retire and Teach" abstract, and sure enough there are a couple ads generated by Google's association algorithm that would obviate the need to read the article.  The first claims "You may be younger than you think.  Take the Real Age test and find out."  The other one helps you figure out "how much you'll need to comfortably retire [sic]."

I wonder how many thousands of people are checking this out right now.  Unfortunately, it probably gives the ads far more attention than they would have otherwise had.

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