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Saturday, June 30, 2007

If This is July, It Must Be PrawfsBlawg

Let's see.  The last time I posted something here it was August 2006, I had just rolled into New Orleans, and everything was contingent.  Here it is July 2007, I'm attending the AALS New Law Professor Workshop (see post over at Legal Profession Blog on that) which says something in itself about the reduction of contingency.   Since last July we've graduated one son from high school (and he is going to Stanford), saw our daughter get married and accepted to the theater grad program at Columbia, moved our permanent household to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and increased the number of nights I will spend in the same area code with my wife (whether she likes it or not).

But I digress.  I want to give substantial credit to Dan Markel, and his courageous decision to let me guest blog a year ago, for the fact that I am now a faculty member at a respected institution.   I discuss the power of the internet and the blogosphere, among other things, for the, shall we say, "well-seasoned" academic aspirant in the only thing I've written in the last couple years that my family understood (they didn't like it, but they understood it):  Memo to Lawyers:  How Not to "Retire and Teach."

Thanks for having me back!

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Jeff, that's very gracious to afford any credit to Prawfs, let alone substantial credit, but it is obviously false, and I'm sure any survey of your colleagues can attest to that...nonetheless, thank you. We're glad to have you back.

Posted by: Dan Markel | Jun 30, 2007 11:06:54 AM

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