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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hasen on Campaign Finance Deregulation

I'd weigh in on today's campaign finance deregulation in Wisconsin Right to Life if Rick Hasen had left anything out.  But he didn't.

Posted by Ethan Leib on June 25, 2007 at 03:11 PM in Constitutional thoughts | Permalink


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If you take the viewpoint that the current campaign finance system is currently regulated heavily, then it appears to me that "deregulation" is a fair term. The same would be true if we had in place a number of laws regulating the burning of flags that the Supreme Court was poised to overturn. Such a decision would move in a deregulatory direction.

Posted by: rick hasen | Jun 26, 2007 5:02:20 PM

Does the term "deregulationist" strike anyone else as a bit, well, strange -- particularly in the Freedom of Speech context? I mean, those who object to, say, flag-burning bans are not called "deregulationists."

Posted by: Rick Garnett | Jun 25, 2007 5:30:29 PM

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