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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop

Yet another variant of the junior scholars workshop kicks off Monday over at the Conglomerate.  (Details here and here.)  It strikes me that the Conglomerate's format requires a more intestinal fortitude than the usual physical workshop, though.  Your standard junior scholars workshop is a pretty safe space to share your work with a small group and get useful feedback.  I have used junior scholars workshops to test drive and sharpen drafts in progress before posting them on SSRN for all the world to see.  But because the Conglomerate's workshop is online, participants must both post their unfinished work and accept commentary publicly.  So kudos to the Conglomerate folks for taking the time to coordinate and host this workshop.  But an even bigger huzzah for those intrepid junior scholars willing to put themselves and their unfinished work out there:  David Adam Friedman, Miriam Baer, Trey Drury, Sasha Volokh, Darian Ibrahim, and Bridget Crawford.  Check it out, starting next week.

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