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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chinese cities flesh out sexual harassment laws

China has been importing many aspects of foreign legal systems in order to make itself more attractive for investment. Chinese cities and corporations are taking the  latest step in this process  by prohibiting sexual harassment. Although China banned sexual harassment in 2005, the amendment to the 1992 Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women failed to define the term. As the Christian Science Monitor reports (http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/0606/p07s02-woap.html), "Aware that many of the city's female residents have been victims of unwanted sexual advances, Shanghai has become the first          city in China to define what constitutes sexual harassment.       


It is the latest in a series of moves by the central and local governments to update the legal system and provide a stronger foundation for the country's burgeoning economy. Protective of its position as one of the world's premier destinations for international business, Shanghai sees itself as a companion to New York, London, and Hong Kong and has decided that it needs the institutions to match."

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