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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reading lists...

Some pieces worth your attention:

I'm also happy to report that I've recently posted two new drafts of articles up on SSRN. The first is "Wrong Turns on the Road to Alternative Sanctions: Reflections on the Future of Shaming Punishments and Restorative Justice" (forthcoming May 2007 in Texas Law Review).  The second is a new draft of "Criminal Justice and the Challenge of Family Ties" (with Ethan J. Leib and Jennifer M. Collins), which is forthcoming this summer in the Illinois Law Review.

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Let me second Patrick's endorsement of the DeParle essay, which I just read. It's a balanced assessment of these three books on the state of prisons in America today:
Punishment and Inequality in America
by Bruce Western
Russell Sage Foundation, 247 pp., $29.95

Confronting Confinement: A Report of the Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons
by John J. Gibbons and Nicholas de B. Katzenbach, co-chairs
Vera Institute of Justice,122 pp. (available at www.prisoncommission.org)

Locked Out: Felon Disenfranchisement and American Democracy
by Jeff Manza and Christopher Uggen
Oxford University Press, 359 pp., $29.95

DeParle's essay also notes the oddity of felon disenfranchisement; who are the vocal supporters of it? He quotes Sen. Mitch McConnell, who said on the Senate floor, that "States have a significant interest in reserving the vote for those who have abided by the social contract that forms the foundation of a representative democracy. We are talking about rapists, murderers, robbers, and even terrorists and spies. Do we want to see convicted terrorists who seek to destroy this country voting in elections? Do we want to see "jailhouse blocs" banding together to oust sheriffs and government officials who are tough on crime?"

I'm wondering if anyone knows of other vocal political supporters of felon disenfranchisement?

Posted by: Dan Markel | Apr 5, 2007 12:14:47 AM

If I may: Lots of good stuff in latest NYRB, but I would think PrawfsBlawg readers would be particularly interested in Jason DeParle's review essay, "The American Prison Nightmare."

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Apr 4, 2007 6:02:59 PM

I think Chad meant to say 'Eric Posner' rather than 'Poser' in the abstract.

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Apr 4, 2007 5:31:43 PM

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