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Monday, April 30, 2007

Article Roundup: Spring 2007

Last week we announced a new scholarship roundup providing a community update on articles placed in the spring cycle.  (Further details here.)  Folks have submitted news on over fifty articles.  The listings are below.  Each listing has the author(s), title, journal, volume and date (if available), as well as a link to a draft of the article (if available).  And with this in mind, I've put the articles in reverse alphabetical order.

The spring season is still underway, and some folks might still be uploading their drafts to SSRN, Bepress, or an institutional database.  So I'll will be posting updates to the list for the next few weeks.  If you'd like your article included, please send me an email at this address.

Spring 2007 Article Roundup

Todd J. Zywicki & Anthony B. Sanders, Posner, Hayek & the Economic Analysis of Law, Iowa Law Review, Volume 93, 2007-08.

Rebecca E. Zietlow, The Judicial Restraint of the Warren Court (and Why it Matters), Ohio State Law Journal, Volume 69, Issue 2.

Sean H. Williams, Postnuptial Agreements, Wisconsin Law Review.

Norman R. Williams, The Commerce Clause and the Myth of Dual Federalism, UCLA Law Review, Volume 54, No. 7.

Michael Waterstone, A New Vision of Public Enforcement, 92 Minn. L. Rev. __ (2007).

Rose Cuison Villazor, Exploring the Meaning of Blood Quantum Laws, California Law Review (2008).

J.W. Verret, Pandora’s Ballot Box, or a Proxy With Moxie? Majority Voting in Delaware Corporate Elections, 62 The Business Lawyer (May 2007).

J.W. Verret, Economics Makes for Strange Bedfellows: Pensions, Trusts, and Hedge Funds in an Era of Financial Re-Intermediation, 10 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Employment Law (2007).

J.W. Verret, Dr. Jones and the Raiders of Lost Capital; Hedge Fund Regulation, Part II; An SRO Proposal, 32 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (2007).

J.W. Verret & Chief Justice Myron T. Steele, Delaware’s Guidance, 2 Virginia Law and Business Review (2007).

Dru Stevenson, Entrapment and Terrorism, 49 B.C. L. Rev. __ (2008).

Dru Stevenson, Special Solicitude for States: Massachusetts v. EPA , 112 Penn. St. L. Rev. __ (2007).

O. Carter Snead, Neuroimaging and the 'Complexity' of Capital Punishment, 82 N.Y.U. L. Rev. __ (2007).

Deirdre M. Smith, Who Says You're Disabled? The Role of Medical Evidence in the ADA Definition of Disability, Tulane Law Review, Volume 82, 2007-2008.

William K. Sjostrom, Jr. & Young Sang Kim, Majority Voting for the Election of Directors, Connecticut Law Review, Volume 40.

Rachael Salceido, Offshore Federalism, __ Tulane L. Rev. __ (2008).

Mitchell H. Rubenstein, Is a Labor Relations Evidentiary Privilege Developing?, Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law, 2008.

Neil M. Richards & Daniel J. Solove, Privacy's Other Path: Recovering the Law of Confidentiality, Georgetown Law Journal, 2007.

John F. Preis, Bivens and the State Remedy Mistake, Connecticut Law Review, Spring 2008.

Mary-Rose Papandrea, Lapdogs, Watchdogs, and Scapegoats: The Press and National Security Information, Indiana Law Journal, Volume 83 (January 2008).

Chad M. Oldfather, Writing, Cognition, and the Nature of the Judicial Function, Georgetown Law Journal, Vol. 96, 2008.

Henry S. Noyes, Good Cause Is Bad Medicine For The New E-Discovery Rules, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Volume 21, Fall 2007.

Melissa Murray, The Networked Family: Reframing the Legal Understanding of Caregiving and Caregivers, Virginia Law Review, Volume 94, April 2008.

Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, Of Fine Lines, Blunt Instruments, and Half-Truths: Business Acquisition Agreements and the Right to Lie, Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, Vol. 32, 2007.

Kurt Lash, A Textual-Historical Theory of the Ninth Amendment, 60 Stanford Law Review (2008).

Kurt Lash, Originalism, Popular Sovereignty, and Reverse Stare Decisis, __ Virginia Law Review (2007).

Kurt Lash, The Inescapable Federalism of the Ninth Amendment (A Reply to Randy Barnett), __ Iowa Law Review (2008).

Adam J. Kolber, Placebo Deception: When a Spoonful of Sugar is the Medicine, Yale Law & Policy Review, 2007.

Greg Kalscheur, Catholics in Public Life: Judges, Legislators and Voters, Journal of Catholic Legal Studies, Volume 46 (2007).

Darian Ibrahim, Individual or Collective Liability for Corporate Directors?, 93 Iowa L. Rev. __ (2008).

Kristin E. Hickman & Matthew D. Krueger, In Search of the “Modern” Skidmore Standard, Columbia Law Review, 2007.

Carissa Byrne Hessick, Violence Between Lovers, Strangers, and Friends, Washington University Law Review, 2007.

James Grimmelmann, The Structure of Search Engine Law, Iowa Law Review, vol. 93, 2007.

Kent Greenfield, Saving the World with Corporate Law?, Emory Law Journal, Volume 57 (2007).

David A. Friedman, Reinventing Consumer Protection, DePaul Law Review, Fall 2007.

Susan D. Franck, Integrating Investment Treaty Conflict and Dispute Systems Design, Minnesota Law Review, Volume 92, 2007.

Susan D. Franck, Empirically Evaluating Claims About Investment Treaty Arbitration, North Carolina Law Review, Volume 86, 2007.

Victor Fleischer, Two and Twenty: Taxing Partnership Profits in Private Equity Funds, NYU L. Rev. (April 2008).

Steven K. Erickson, Mind Over Morality, Buffalo Law Review, Vol. 54.

Steven K. Erickson,The Myth of Mental Disorder: Transsubstantive Behavior and Taxometric Psychiatry, Akron Law Review.

Robin Effron, Event Jurisdiction and Protective Coordination: Lessons from the September 11th Litigation, Southern California Law Review, Fall 2007.

Scott Dodson, In Search of Removal Jurisdiction, Northwestern University Law Review, Vol. 102, January 2008. (SSRN link)

Paul Diller, Local Policy Innovation and Intrastate Preemption, Boston University Law Review, Fall 2007.

Steven M. Davidoff, Regulating Listings in a Global Market, North Carolina Law Review, Dec. 2007.

Lawrence A. Cunningham, A Prescription to Retire the Rhetoric of 'Principles-Based Systems' in Corporate Law, Securities Regulation and Accounting, Vanderbilt Law Review, Volume 60 (2007).

Lawrence A. Cunningham, Carrots for Vetogates: Incentive Systems to Promote Capital Market Gatekeeper Effectiveness, Minnesota Law Review, Volume 92 (2007).

Robert J. Condlin, “Every Day and in Every Way We Are All Becoming Meta and Meta:” or How Communitarian Bargaining Theory Conquered the World (of Bargaining Theory), Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, Volume 23, Issue # 2, January 2008.

Ronald J. Colombo, Buy, Sell, or Hold? Analyst Fraud from Economic and Natural Law Perspectives, Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 73, Issue 1, December 2007.

Jennifer Collins, Lady Madonna, Children at Your Feet: The Criminal Justice System’s Romanticization of the Parent-Child Relationship, Iowa Law Review, Fall 2007.

I. Glenn Cohen, The Constitution and the Rights not to Procreate, 60 Stanford L. Rev.

Miriam A. Cherry & Robert L. Rogers, Prediction Markets and the First Amendment, __ Ill. L. Rev. (2008).

Josh Bowers, Punishing the Innocent, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Volume 156 (2007/2008).

Christopher M. Bruner, Culture, Sovereignty, and Hollywood: UNESCO and the Future of Trade in Cultural Products, 40 N.Y.U. J. Int’l L. & Pol. (2007).

Jeremy A. Blumenthal, Emotional Paternalism, 35 Fla. St. U. L. Rev. (2007).

Jeremy A. Blumenthal, Meta-Analysis: A Primer for Legal Scholars, 80 Temple L. Rev. (2007).

Jeremy A. Blumenthal, Perceptions of Crime and Moral Decision-Making: A Multidimensional Approach, 38 McGeorge L. Rev. (2007).

Joseph Blocher, School Naming Rights and the First Amendment's Perfect Storm, Georgetown Law Journal, Vol. 96, 2007.

Bradley A. Areheart, When Disability Isn't "Just Right": The Entrenchment of the Medical Model of Disability and the Goldilocks Dilemma, Indiana Law Journal, Volume 83, Issue 1, 2008.

Laura I Appleman, Retributive Justice and Hidden Sentencing, Ohio State Law Journal, Volume 68, 2007.

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