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Friday, March 16, 2007

The End of Spring Break

Spring Break seems to be coming to an end, all too soon.  Here's some reading to enjoy on this last day of vacation:

Randy Barnett's op-ed on Raich in The Wall Street Journal

Dahlia Lithwick and Jack Goldsmith's take on the US Att'y firings in Slate

An obit of Bowie Kuhn, of the famous Flood v. Kuhn case routinely taught in Legislation courses

And don't miss the sometimes bizarre NYT noir reporting of the tragic shooting deaths of four people in NY's Greenwich Village.  Here's a sampling:

It was an evening with a touch of spring in the air. In the cafes and clubs that line the Village streets, the jazz was cool, the drinks were mellow and many bar patrons and people out for strolls had not heard the shots.

[H]e liked to drop into the De Marco’s Pizzeria on West Houston Street to eat bowls of spaghetti.  That was where he went Wednesday night, bent on a bloody errand.

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This is why I read blogs. thanks for the pointer.

Posted by: howard | Mar 16, 2007 9:24:34 PM

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