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Monday, March 05, 2007

Prawfs on Religion, Division and the Constitution

For those sixteen of you jonesing for even more articles by some of the Prawfs crew, check out the new issue of the WILLIAM & MARY BILL OF RIGHTS JOURNAL, VOLUME 15, ISSUE 1 (OCTOBER 2006), which just appeared in your local law library. (H/t: Quiqley!)

The issue contains a symposium on Religion, Division,and the Constitution, with an introduction by our own Richard W. Garnett, as well as an article by our own Paul Horwitz entitled, Religious Tests In The Mirror: The Constitutional Law And Constitutional Etiquette Of Religion In Judicial Nominations. The symposium also contains contributions from Larry Solum ("Pluralism and Public Legal Reason"), Frederick Mark Gedicks, Stephen M. Feldman, and David E. Campbell ("A House Divided? What Social Science Has To Say About The Culture War").

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