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Monday, January 01, 2007

Wisdom and Workshop

I've been offline a few weeks, as a result of painful wisdom teeth extraction (I'm hoping that just means the teeth are gone, not the wisdom, although that rests on the somewhat dubious proposition that I had much to lose in the first place).  In any event, looking forward to the blogging event at AALS (see Dan's post below), and getting to share some of my pent-up musings on law during the next week or two before I turn into a pumpkin. 

Speaking of AALS events, I should note that I'll also be attending a workshop on introducing international, transnational and comparative law issues into traditional first year courses, which is being put on by the Pacific McGeorge Center for Global Business and Development.  The workshop will be held on Jan. 3, at the Georgetown University Law Center.  The morning will be devoted to an introduction to international and comparative law, with the afternoon consisting of a look at curricular approaches, as well as break-out sessions devoted to specific first year courses.  (Some of the more senior readers of this blog might recognize the not coincidental similarity of this workshop and the workshops conducted in the 1980s and 1990s to promote law and economics by giving law professors an introduction to economics.)  If you (or any of your colleagues who teach first year courses) would like to attend, just email my colleague, Frank Gevurtz, who will be online through Tuesday night.

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