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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! Come Celebrate in DC with us!

All of us at Prawfs would like to wish you and yours a happy new year, full of blessings and laughter, insight and serenity, wisdom and love. It's amazing to me that this blog is almost two years old now. A billion thanks for your ongoing engagement and patience as we continue to educate ourselves in public.

Please keep in mind that along with our friends at Concurring Opinions, we are co-sponsoring a happy hour for prawfs visiting for the AALS conference in DC. The event is this Wednesday, January 3d, and the venue will be Cloud, located at One Dupont Circle, Washington, DC (right off Dupont Circle at New Hampshire Avenue). The fun begins at 9pm, and we'll be meeting around the back bar area, where we were last year (if you remember!). Feel free to pass on the info to your colleagues or others who might be interested, including significant others. And if you're feeling especially industrious, please drop me a line in advance so I'll know to look out for you.

Last, it's the beginning of the month, and some of our guests have left the premises or are rotating off shortly. Let me say a word of thanks to Alex Long and Geoff Rapp for their December contributions. Miriam Cherry, Scott Moss, Mike Dimino, and Elaine Chiu will have a couple more posts this week or next. And in the meantime, let me thank Anders Kaye (from TJSL) who has joined us for the next few weeks.

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