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Friday, December 01, 2006


Happy December 1st! As the semester winds down, you might be wondering the same things Andy Perlman is: Where's the Thunderous Applause? Prawfs has had some interesting discussions in the past about end of semester homiletics. You may want to check them out also. If you're a prawf at the end of your first (or second or nth) semester, please feel free to share any interesting stories and reflections in the comments.

Anyway, to get you through the doldrums of grading exams, we have Elaine Chiu, Jeremy Blumenthal, Ron Wright, Alex Long, and Adam Scales, slated to join us for parts or all of December. We we will continue to enjoy the delightful provocations of Joe Slater, Scott Moss, Adam Kolber, Geoff Rapp, and Melissa Waters for a few more weeks. We are truly blessed to have so many talents joining us. And we are also grateful for the recent contributions of Avi Bell, Deb Ahrens, Andy Siegel, and Jay Michaelson to our conversations.

Next Thursday and Friday marks the first Young Scholars Half-Baked Ideas Conference that PrawfsBlawg is organizing here in Miami. We are planning on doing this at least on a yearly and perhaps semesterly basis, if it goes well. Exciting times. Also, mark your calendars for AALS week in January in DC. Prawfs is tentatively co-hosting with the good folks at Concurring Opinions a happy hour on Wed Jan. 3d. Location and time to be firmed up soon. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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