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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Guardian and Hezbollah takeover of Lebanon

As I'm here for the day, I figured I'd abuse Dan's hospitality and blog on a related topic.  Over at the Guardian, Simon Tisdall "reports" (Iran v Saudis In Battle of Beirut) on Hezbollah's battle to take over Lebanon in the wake of  the Syrian assassination of Pierre Gemayel last week that led to mass Hezbollah protests as well as Hezbollah's resignation from the Siniora government in protest of the continuing probe of Syria's assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al Hariri.

Not surprisingly, neither Syrian assassination appears in Tisdall's "news" article, which instead leads with an insinuation that the source of Lebanon's troubles is "Israel's destablising summer bombardment of Lebanon" and insufficient European action against Israel during the summer war.

But perhaps the most interesting fiction in Tisdall's article appears in his description of an alleged Saudi confrontation with "Tehran in Palestine, where [Saudi Arabia] supports President Mahmoud Abbas against the Iranian-backed Hamas."  Outside of Tisdall's imagination, of course, the Saudis are a major -- if not the major -- bankroller of the Hamas terrorist organization.  The Iranians' favored terrorist group, by contrast, is Islamic Jihad, although the Iranians are promiscuous enough in their support to fund and support the other major Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah (see here).

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