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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Many thanks to Kristi Bowman and Brooks Holland for their recent stints. Our other guests will be sticking around for a little longer. In fact, I'm happy to announce that both Miriam Cherry and Mike Dimino have agreed to stay with us until the end of the semester, winding up sometime in December. Additionally, November will see the debut at Prawfs of Melissa Waters (WLU, public int'l), Elaine Chiu (St. John's, crim), and Deb Ahrens (SCarolina, crim), as well as the return of our friends Joe Slater (Toledo, employment), Adam Kolber (USD, neurolaw), and Jeremy Blumenthal (Syracuse, psychlaw). Welcome all!

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Particularly good to see Melissa Waters on the list. Concurring Opinions readers will remember her guest stint there as thought provoking, and Waters has written some very interesting stuff on the use of foreign law by American courts (focusing particularly on the idea that courts can not only import international norms, but by using foreign materials, can gain credibility as an exporter, thus contributing to the corpus of such norms available to courts) and readers both friendly to and wary of the transnationalist project should definitely check out her SSRN page. I hasten to add that I remain completely opposed to this project on every level, and disagree strongly with much of what she has to say, but this is clearly an important issue that isn't going away, and Waters has contributed some interesting and very honest assessments of the project's possibilities and problems. :)

Posted by: Simon | Nov 2, 2006 9:08:36 AM

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