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Monday, November 20, 2006

Kudos to Pennumbra and Colloquy

I'm pleased to announce that the U. Penn Law Review's online companion, Pennumbra, is now hosting an excellent exchange between our own Rick Garnett and our own (Prawf alum) Kim Roosevelt on the subject of judicial activism. It's styled as a debate, but Rick and Kim are voices of calm reason, and it's much more of a conversation that jointly advances the ball forward than anything combative. Kim's book, which is the springboard for his discussion with Rick, is available here.

And don't worry, we've not declared that Pennumbra is the house organ here. As evidence, let me alert you to a few posts of interest elsewhere. Over at Yale's www.thepocketpart.org, my friend Chad Flanders (Yale 3L) has this post up on the precedential value of Bush v. Gore.

You might also want to check out Northwestern's new law review blog, Colloquy, which has some posts up on LLM's and American education, as well as Kelo. Indeed, as even more evidence of our commitment to ecumenicism, we are going to add links on the blogroll to many of the online law review companions so you can stay current with what's going on there. So far, I know of Harvard, Yale, Penn, and Northwestern (update: and Michigan). Please let me know if more emerge.

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