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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where Have You Gone, Tarlton Law Library? A Nation Turns its Lonely Eyes to You

For years, the Tarlton Law Library has quietly, thanklessly performed a valuable service: posting, each day, the table of contents of all its newly received law journals, domestic and foreign, in a fairly neat presentation.  The site is here.  Every now and then the site seems to go dark, and I begin to break into a cold sweat, wondering whether I'm about to lose a vital resource and valuable part of my procrastination scholarly routine.  And for the past couple of days, when I click on the links for the contents, I have gotten the ominous message, "The page you are looking for could not be found." 

I don't know whether we have any readers chez Tarlton, but if so, please tell me it's a momentary lapse!  Losing this service would be like losing a trusted friend.  I'm happy to post on SSRN and track new papers released there, and it's great to have access to legal scholarship without waiting out the long publication process, but Tarlton's law review contents page still performs a useful service.  Not every paper is released on SSRN, and some that are may go overlooked the first time around.  Also, it's useful to know when a journal has published a symposium, tribute, book review, or other special content that might not be revealed through SSRN.  Then, of course, it's useful to know what's being published in Canadian, English, and other foreign law journals, whose writers are less likely to post their work on SSRN.  And, even in an electronic world, it's just nice to know what the journals are actually publishing. 

Come back, little Tarlton!  If it's a question of money, just turn Joe Jamail upside down and shake him a few times; I'm sure a few more bucks can be dislodged.  

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Just a note that SmartCILP profiles can be changed so that you onlu get the topics you want. Contact your library for directions on how to edit your profile.

Posted by: Jonathan | Nov 7, 2006 3:15:15 PM

Brian, that would be great.

Posted by: Dan Markel | Oct 20, 2006 12:38:54 PM

Thanks to both of you for making us take a closer look at this. Two small html files mysteriously vanished from the site, but have now been restored. Let me know if what you were missing is now back online.

Dan, we do maintain a closed listserv for daily updates. Want me to sign you up?

Posted by: Brian Quigley | Oct 20, 2006 12:13:25 PM

Brian, I just tried the site and it didn't work. I used to monitor that page religiously but then I had many of the same problems Paul has, and until Paul mentioned it today, I had completely forgotten about it. I do hope you'll have better luck getting it to work. You should consider letting people subscribe to an email service so that they can get a daily update of what comes out. (I get SCILP every Friday afternoon, which serves a similar role, but it's a very long email, so I suspect I'd prefer a shorter daily one).

Posted by: Dan Markel | Oct 19, 2006 10:25:21 PM

We haven't moved. We're not having problems with the hosting site that I'm aware of. Let me know the next time you can't connect. And thanks for the plug -- nice to know the service is being put to good use.

Posted by: Brian Quigley | Oct 19, 2006 8:28:07 PM

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