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Monday, October 16, 2006

Strange tort case of the week

My nominee for strange tort case of the week - Israel's Supreme Court struck down a damages award that included reimbursement for future weekly visits with a prostitute.  The tort victim had been injured in a traffic accident and his sexual function had been impaired; the Tel Aviv district court accepted his claim that, after the accident, he could only perform with prostitutes.  The district court had therefore ruled that - in addition to receiving compensation for lost earnings - the plaintiff was entitled to compensation for continuing "medical care," including the aforementioned visits to prostitutes and calls to escort services.  The Supreme Court decision cites a number of other cases from Tel Aviv and Haifa that had apparently awarded similar compensation.

The practice, however, has ended.  Henceforth, per Justice Rivlin, Israeli courts should limit their rulings to compensating for services that can be legally obtained; thus, no compensation for visits to prostitutes.  The Court left open the question of whether sexual surrogate services can be compensated.

For readers of Hebrew, the judgment is here.

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