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Monday, October 09, 2006

Manic Monday

North Korea had a nuclear test and lettuce is being recalled; must be Monday already.  Let’s hope the week improves…

Posted by Miriam Cherry on October 9, 2006 at 12:03 AM in Current Affairs | Permalink


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BTW: Guest Blogger Christopher Le Mon at Opinio Juris has a post today on the North Korean announcement and has said he'll soon be posting on the pertinent international law issues.

Incidentally (or not), the U.S. lacks some credibility here owing to its violations, in letter and spirit, of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and its inconsistency in treatment as regards relations with countries who have not signed the treaty. Completely off radar is Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal, the possession of which cannot be considered a force for stabilization and peace in the region insofar as it may prompt other states in the Middle East to develop such weaponry.

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Oct 9, 2006 9:58:15 AM

Sometimes it helps to stand back and put things in perspective (without taking anything away from the significance or salience of current events). For instance, I recall during the Velvet Revolution the Hungarian writer Georgy Konrad saying something like, 'History takes no note of the baby at the mother's breast....' And there's truth to be gleaned from Gandhi's 'transcendentalist' take on history, even if we don't share his religious and philosophical assumptions: 'History is really a record of every interruption of the even working of the force of love or of the soul.... History, then, is a record of an interruption in the course of nature. Soul-force, being natural, is not noted in history.' So, all things considered and in light of this bigger picture, we might avoid the poles of both mania *and* depression.

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Oct 9, 2006 9:46:30 AM

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