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Friday, October 20, 2006

Buffalo Going Back to Normal

My parents got their power back last night after a full week without electricity due to the storm that hit Buffalo last week.  (Snow is common in October there -- I had plenty of Halloweens trudging through snow in my costume -- but this was the worst storm to hit the area that my parents can remember, bar none.)  My parents' house escaped damage because they had no large trees on their property and because they live on slightly higher ground than some of the surrounding area.  Others, however, have had significant damage.  Three hundred thousand people were without power, and hundreds of thousands of trees were felled or split under the snow's weight.  Cars were crushed by falling trees, and roads were impassableMy old elementary school had between six and nine feet of water.  Without power, sump pumps could not move water out of basements, and many homes have between one and three feet of water.  Schools were closed starting the 13th.  They will reopen next week, either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

My guess is that there will be plenty of phone calls between Western New Yorkers and real estate agents in Florida and Arizona this winter.  My folks decided some months ago to move to Arizona next year; they're leaving Buffalo with a bang.

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Halloween in the Buffalo snow? Oh yes, I have many a fond memory, too. And while it may be odd to sing Buffalo's praises while my parents are still without heat and electricity in Amherst (eight days and counting), it would be a shame not to defend the "City of Good Neighbors'" honor in this time of media municipal defamation. Does the Queen City get a snowfall now and then? Surely; though less than Syracuse on average. And while it may seem like Siberia for four months out of the year, you cannot beat a Buffalo summer, nor can you top my hometown (when compared to cities of similar size) when it comes to community. the arts, great food, sports mania, and a fantastic quality of life at the right price. Count me among those in Buffalo's corner.

Posted by: Geoff McGovern | Oct 21, 2006 10:51:35 AM

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