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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Very Classy Gesture

The other day I received a letter -- an actual letter in the mail! -- from Professor Randy Kennedy, from HLS.  I can't take too much personal pride from it because my colleagues at FSU received it as well, but the gesture was so, well, classy that, after checking with Randy, I thought I'd share the note and perhaps spread the sentiment underlying it.

Randy began his letter by noting that for several years during the 1990's he had spent some time at FSU for a few weeks in January during which time he'd been able to make some good progress on two books.  "I am prompted to write this letter by the impressive brochure on faculty scholarship at FSU that I recently received and also by the sobering knowledge that life is uncertain and that strong feelings, especially positive sentiments, should be expressed when one is able to do so. I wish you all the best! Sincerely, Randall Kennedy."

Who says law porn is without merit?  In all seriousness, thanks to Randy for a very kind letter. The idea that we should unflinchingly share our praise of others is one we do well to remember. I think there's even a website/journal out there whose purpose is to host brief essays saying nice things about other people's work, but I've been having trouble finding it on the web.  (Michael Froomkin apparently advanced this wonderful wacky idea at the HLS Bloggership conference.)

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