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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to the Blogosphere: Mass Tort Litigation Blog

Allow me to plug a new blog, the Mass Tort Litigation Blog.  A fledgling member of the Law Professor Blog Network, MTLB (pronounced "mmmt-lllb," I think) aims "to serve as a far-reaching reference for mass tort litigation resources from the web, and also provide timely updates on developments in mass tort litigation.  Aimed primarily at law professors, the blog will also provide information of interest to practicing lawyers, judges, and policmakers involved with, or interested in, mass tort litigation."  A very useful resource, I should think, for those who are attempting to keep up with a quickly changing field.  I am in no way prejudiced by the fact that the blog is run by my extraordinary colleague here at Southwestern, Byron Stier.  (Also, oddly enough, pronounced "mmmt-lllb.")  Welcome, Byron.  May your blogging be fruitful, and your trolls few.   

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