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Friday, September 29, 2006

Self-Help, Satire, and the Meat Market (Part 3 of ?)

This is the continuation of a satire begun here and here about the role of self-help books and the academic hiring process.

Scene: The dread corridors of the Wardman Park, where Marion Peach is pacing back and forth, jittery from caffeine

Time: The morning of the dread hiring conference   

What possessed me to schedule three interviews back-to-back for this afternoon? 

Well, actually I had no choice in the matter...  That’s all the times the schools had left for me. 

I’m going to have only five minutes to run back and forth between the ornate, old part of the hotel, to the newly constructed tower.  Luckily, I’ve been reading “How to be Assertive Without Being Aggressive.”  But in this instance, well, I think something a little more passive-aggressive is in order.  You other candidates will think that I’m pressing the “open door” button, and it’s somehow not working, but in reality I’m pressing “door close” all the way.  Ha, ha!

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I've learnt that if you have ever interviewed new job applicants you will pick up one thing, and that is many people just do not value their self confidence as high as they should. Not only does having self confidence help build character and attract good things into your life, it also can help you make more money!

But first you have to have an understanding of the basic element of “thinking”. In other words, you must know and believe that thoughts causes which produce the “effects” in life we experience.

In turn that positive thinking helps attract positive people into your life, positive situations, and yes, more money!


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