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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Satires, Alter-Egos, and the Meet Market

Law professors like having an alter-ego.  Perhaps it is egotism, but how fun to have a “Robin” to your “Batman,” a “Panza” to your “Quixote,” your very own version of “Roderigo” or “Gil Grantmore.”  Well, I am no different from anyone else (except that my alter ego has considerably less important things to say), and therefore, Professor Peach came into being.  Last year, she was the co-protagonist of a satire about law review submissions that is available here. 

Well, with the meet market approaching, Peach has a few thoughts about the process.  Although it’s been four years since Peach went through it, alas, she remembers it quite well. 

It is her contention that the best advice for dealing with the meet market can actually be found in self-help books, such as “The Rules” or “Smart Candidates, Foolish Choices.” 

Yes, I can feel another satire coming… with parts of it to be serialized on this blog in the next week.  Stay tuned….   

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