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Friday, September 01, 2006

Rotations and Parties and a small paradigm shift

First a note of thanks to our truly stellar group of guests this past month: Jeff, Paul, Kim, and Michael. Bobby got a late start and so will tarry into September. Joining him in the next few days and weeks we have repeat visits from Tung Yin (Iowa), Dave Fagundes (UChi. Bigelow) and Mark Fenster (UFla.), and new visits from Mike Dimino (Widener), Miriam Cherry (McGeorge), and Bill Araiza (Loyola LA) (who will shed some decanal light on these pages toward the end of the month). Please welcome them with your engagement as they come aboard.

Speaking of nuptials: I'm headed to NY this weekend to attend the wedding that will win the ATL tournament if only because of connections. Dave Lat, here's the scoop: my former roomies, Adam and Steve (your former Crimed boss), are getting 'married' -- I'll proudly recognize it even if damn NY won't. If you're one of the poor saps stuck in the city without a Hamptons invite this weekend, drop a line; a little gathering may yet be planned. Doubtless, that is too last-minute for most of you busy New Yorkers. If so, mark your calendar now for a more official Prawfs happy hour in NYC on Thursday Sept 14th, probably at Calle Ocho, though place and time to be confirmed. Columbia will be hosting its tort law conference that weekend, and I'll be there to find readers jonesing for insights into the "retributive damages" work in progress. With some luck, both Ethan and I will be at the happy hour on the 14th. Please make sure to bring your fellow prawfs to that.

Finally, you may be heartened by the news JJ Goldberg provides in this very interesting article from the Forward, which explains why Israelis now think the recent battles in Lebanon provided substantially greater grounds for optimism than previously thought.

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