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Saturday, September 02, 2006

New blog, "The Open University"

This new group blog -- hosted by The New Republic -- might be of interest.  It's called "The Open University."  Here is how the bloggers describe the enterprise:

To the best of our knowledge, this blog is unlike any other out there. It's dedicated to thinking about not just the news of the day but also the news from the academy: Controversies in campus politics that warrant thoughtful discussion. Scholarship from our various disciplines that we think deserves a broader hearing. Ideas we had in doing our research that seem eerily relevant to something we read in The New York Times today. Our bloggers range widely over the political spectrum. They include both novices and old hands (as well as chastened dabblers like me).

The blog boasts an all-star team of contributors, including law profs Cass Sunstein and Sandy Levinson.  Check it out!

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