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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Music to Write By

This summer I had occasion to talk with Dan Markel about how much I love my iPod.  So, I’m wondering what you listen to while you are writing a paper.  I like some of the new-age mellow stuff, because that way it is just some nice background, but on the other hand, too much George Winston or Enya will put you to sleep.  Dance and techno music both puts me in a good mood and encourages me to type quickly.  The product, may, however, be rather disjointed.  Your favorites?

Posted by Miriam Cherry on September 16, 2006 at 05:11 PM in Information and Technology | Permalink


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Bart - I like Air a lot, and also like (for the purpose of studying but also more generally) Imogen Heap and Frou Frou. I think all could fall into the energetic and non-jarring category and, as Miriam pointed out, have mellowish but pronounced beats.

Posted by: liz glazer | Sep 17, 2006 5:22:05 PM

I like that song "Right Where You Want Me." Orly, how cool that it's your brother who wrote it!

Posted by: Miriam Cherry | Sep 17, 2006 3:17:20 PM

If you like Postal Service, try Air, especially their album Moon Safari or Phoenix's album Alphabetical. I think studying music should be energetic and non-jarring. Moby's album Play would be a good choice too.

Posted by: Bart Motes | Sep 17, 2006 12:27:13 AM

Check out Jesse Mccartney's new album - the sweet teen pop idol is all grown up and the songs are sophisticated and lots of fun.
I should disclose - my brother wrote all of the new songs, including the highly popular new single "Right Where You Want Me", which is one of the most downloaded this week on itunes.
The CD is coming out Sept 19. I Love it!

Posted by: Orly Lobel | Sep 17, 2006 12:19:53 AM

Postal service is good! A beat, but kind of mellowish too.

I don't see how I could live without a cellphone these days.... or a microwave...

Posted by: Miriam Cherry | Sep 16, 2006 11:56:24 PM

I like working with either the Postal Service in the background . . . or the soundtrack to "Rent"

Posted by: liz glazer | Sep 16, 2006 11:18:45 PM

Well, I don't own an iPod (or a cell phone, microwave oven, new car...) and I would never write a paper with music in my ears, as it interferes with my concentration. I sometimes have music or tv on in the background (being a part-time academic, I work at home) if the surrounding, intermittent noises outside are distracting, and by way of muffling all other distractions. I in no way listen to the music or television...well, if I do, I realize it's time for a break. Perhaps I envy those of you who can write and listen to music at the same time (work as play!).

While we're on iPods: in general, I'm not a fan of folks in public with things in their ears: it only exacerbates existing self-centeredness, isolation and even alienation. When I pass such individuals on the street, they're in their own private world (not making eye contact with passersby), fairly oblivious to those around them, not unlike the manner in which they conduct themselves in the daily round without such music in their ears. They don't notice their surroundings, either artificial or natural. Perhaps most troubling, there's an increasing likelihood that such individuals are succumbing to a suspicion of silence, indeed, they're missing out on the very real virtues of silence.

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Sep 16, 2006 5:56:58 PM

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