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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Conference on Fletcher's The Grammar of Criminal Law

Kyron Huigens and Rick Bierschbach (both at Cardozo) are organizing a great conference at Cardozo. The subject is George Fletcher's forthcoming book, The Grammar of Criminal Law: American, European, International. You can find the preface here. Kyron and Rick note that this book is "George Fletcher's major statement -- the book that began as a new edition of Rethinking Criminal Law." Speakers at the conference include PrawfsBlawg alum Kim Ferzan, and Doug Husak, Stuart Green, John Gardner, Albin Eser, Kai Ambos, Stephen Morse, and Meir Dan-Cohen. More info on Fletcher, the conference speakers, and the book can be found at the conference website, which is www.fletchersgrammar.com. I'm going to do my best to get there; happily, the conference is Sunday and Monday (November 5th and 6th), which I prefer to the usual Friday and Saturday conference.

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