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Monday, July 03, 2006

Rotations and Happy Hour

A word of great thanks to Yair, Nicole, Frank, Jason, and Scott, our guest bloggers of recent weeks.  Below, you'll see the debut post of Russ Covey (Whittier, criminal law). In the days and weeks ahead, we have scheduled return visits from Will Baude, Doug Berman, Dave Fagundes, and Fernando Teson, as well as Prawfs debuts by Kim Kessler Ferzan (Rutgers, criminal law) and Bobby Chesney (WFU, national security law).  Welcome (back)!   

Also, I'm interested in putting together a group for dinner (say, around 7pm) on Thursday night of young crim law/procedure scholars in Baltimore. If you're interested, please drop me an email. Here's the happy hour information:

Just wanted to announce the PrawfsBlawg Happy Hour in Baltimore, which we're excited to co-host with the folks over at the Glom.  We'll be meeting at 930pm(ish) on Thursday July 6th at the James Joyce Pub, which is located on 616 S. President St., right near the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, where the Law and Society Conference will be held that weekend.   If you're coming in from DC or elsewhere, there are some maps and driving directions to the pub over here.  Looking forward to seeing you.  Tell your colleagues (at least the ones you like) to join us.

Important: please rsvp to me via email if you can make it or are thinking of coming just so we can get a sense of numbers and appropriate space at the Pub. Thanks.

UPDATE: Given that we'll be meeting at the James Joyce Pub, you may wish to peruse this very interesting report about James Joyce's grandson in the New Yorker--and how Larry Lessig might stop him from copyright misuse!

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since you mentioned the joyce copyright issue, i thought I may as well post my two cents on the controversy--it's here:


and thanks for organizing the happy hour, Dan!

Posted by: frank | Jul 4, 2006 11:28:38 AM

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