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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rehnquist Memorial(s)

Thanks to Dan for linking to my piece in the recent issue of the Yale Law Journal.  I was really pleased to have been invited to contribute.  (That said, I'm a bit surprised, and disappointed, that the editors did not solicit a few more contributions.  It strikes me that the Rehnquist tribute is quite a bit . . . thinner than those put out in recent years by the Yale Law Journal for, say, Justices Blackmun, White, and Brennan.  For example, a contribution by the new Chief, or Justice O'Connor -- the Chief's fast friend for more than 50 years and his collaborator on the Court for a quarter-century, would have been nice.).

Last week, I was in Washington, D.C. for the Supreme Court Bar's Memorial for Rehnquist.  It was really great event.  (You can watch it on C-Span, here.)  The Bar adopted a special resolution in appreciation of Rehnquist's life and work; a number of former clerks, friends, and family members spoke; the resolution was presented by the S.G. to the new Chief Justice, who spoke very movingly, and to the full Court.

The next day, I flew to Phoenix, and participated in a panel discussion (program here), hosted by the State Bar of Arizona (my own bar), about the nominations and legacies of Arizona's own Justices O'Connor and Rehnquist.   Joan Biskupic and Sen. Dennis DeConcini had some great stories about the two nomination processes.  My own remarks focused on the shared legacy of Rehnquist and O'Connor, and on their collaboration and shared commitments, while my friend Cathy O'Grady talked about the contrasts.

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