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Monday, June 19, 2006

Interesting, Substantive Blawg Posts

This isn't one of them.

But over at Empirical Legal Studies, they've got a series coming this week on the "New Legal Realism" from some of the leaders of the project, started by folks at the American Bar Foundation  and U of Wisconsin Law School.  As someone relatively new in the academy, I'm told that being self-conscious about methodology is important, which seems both smart and easy to forget.  So even for those of you who don't consider yourself empiricists per se (can I be a serious person if I don't run regressions?), this looks well worth checking out. 

Add to this the virtual junior corporate scholars workshop over at Conglomerate, highlighted by Concurring, and spending time in the legal blogosphere this week should be completely guilt-free.  Enjoy.


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