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Friday, June 30, 2006

A couple new blogs!

Thanks to SCOTUSBlog, I just discovered that Georgetown University Law Center's faculty have started a blog (to rival ChicawgoBlawgo?).  The GULC blog has some interesting stuff up so far by Mark Tushnet on  Hamdan.  (And I thought MT was going to HLS; perhaps this a summer swan song.)  As far as I know, this is the second law faculty blog out there; and as one contributor to the blog notes, a faculty blog is a particularly good idea in a school as large as GULC, because it enables not only public dissemination of a faculty's intellectual work product, but also the facilitation of internal knowledge-sharing. 

The blog of Tushnet the Younger, meanwhile, alerted me to the whereabouts of an erstwhile and future Prawfs guest-blogger, Dave Fagundes (Chicawgo Bigelow).  Dave has been off skirmishing among the World Cup fans in Germany, and blogging while yobbing :-)  In a prior life, Fagundes was a travel writer, so check out his blog for his typically shrewd apercus on the political culture of soccer.

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