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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Just a quick note of thanks to our recent guests who have been helping us pick up the slack while we've been occupied with grading.  A few are (happily!) staying on for the next few days or week, but we're very glad to have introduced you all to the provocations of first-time bloggers Gaia, Gowri, Nelson, Joe, and Sasha.  And, of course, we're thrilled to have Ron Wright and Laura Appleman do return stints with us and to borrow Peggy from Opinio Juris.

While I'm sitting in the casting director's chair, let me note with pleasure the arrival of two old mates who are making their debut on these pages this week.  An economist with a law degree or a lawyer with a Phd in Ec--not sure how he identifies himself--Yair Listokin will begin his career as a prawf later this summer at Yale  the Yale Law School.  His first post is below.  Also beginning this month is Frank Pasquale (law, Seton Hall), who has been a shrewd commentator both here and at Co-Op.  We're delighted to have you both here.  Welcome!

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