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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mike Gravel for President (?)

I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and, when I was a kid, Mike Gravel (D) was one of my U.S. Senators.  (He got beat, in the Democratic primary, in the first election -- 1980 -- that I can remember paying attention to.)).  Apparently, he has announced his candidacy for the Presidency (here is his web page).  The other night, I watched on C-Span the (lightly attended) event at which he made his announcement and discussed his views.  In addition to emphasizing his strong anti-war positions, he played up his views on direct democracy, referenda, and initiatives.   He is way into the "National Initiative for Democracy" (link), and its proposed "Democracy Amendment" (link) and "Democracy Act" (link).  In a nutshell, it sounds to me like he wants to amend the Constitution to allow for direct lawmaking  -- and, if I heard him correctly, popular vetos of congressional acts and appropriations -- by "the people."  (Apparently, Gravel is so enthusiastic about direct democracy, that he promoted the idea a few years ago at a conference sponsored by Holocaust-deniers.)  This sounds, well, crazy to me.  We'll see if it sells.

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He's basically talking about a reform of the the structural provisions of the constitution that would amount to a third revolution. Needless to say, for that precise reason, if he becomes a serious candidate, he will automatically become one of the most potentially dangerous men in America, and must be stopped at all costs. Fortunately, I think there is very little chance of him becoming a serious candidate.

Posted by: Simon | May 5, 2006 10:33:20 PM

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