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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How's our blogging?

Inspired by Lior's recent post and paper, entitled: “How’s My Driving?” for Everyone (and Everything?) (forthcoming NYU Law Review, Nov. 2006), I was thinking we should take another celebratory moment to note that the other day we passed a milestone: according to our sitemeter, we have passed over 1 million page views and over half a million visitors.  But in the frenzy of celebration of our one year anniversary and our growth in readership, not to mention the near-end of grading for the semester, we have collectively forgotten to ask our beloved community of readers what you would like to see happen in this space in the next year.  So shoot me an email with suggestions about how to redesign the web-page to make it better, whom you'd like to see guest-blog, or how to improve our collective driving...

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