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Sunday, April 02, 2006

So Long, Farewell, Near-Future Plans, and Thanks for all the Fish!

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I am off to Sea World for our monthly visit of Shamu and think it is time to take Dan’s announcement about rotations as a hint for signing off. It’s been a blast to guest blawg on prawfs and I am grateful to all the perma-bloggers for the invitation. I think blogging is indeed a fine way to complement and support scholarship, teaching, and networking. So I hope to be invited to return at some point next year.

Meanwhile, this summer I look forward to meeting some of my new virtual friends at the Annual Law and Society Meeting in Baltimore; perhaps even in a few weeks at a conference on New Governance research I am attending in Wisconsin; or at the Labor Law Group annual meeting in upstate NY; or in Tel-Aviv; AALS; and certainly here Sunny San Diego - for example, for the April Institute for Law and Philosophy conference on the rights and wrongs of discriminations.

And of course, I plan to immerse myself into my new research projects—one on whistleblower protections and individual/collective accountability in complex organizations, and another on IP allocations/protections in employment relationships. I will also be doing edits on my forthcoming Michigan Law Review essay The Four Pillars of Work Law and my forthcoming Harvard Law Review article, The Paradox of Extra-Legal Activism: Critical Legal Consciousness and Transformative Politics (ok, Dan twisted my arm to include this final bit).

But I am now officially hooked on the blogosphere so I promise to keep following, and commenting on, the conversation; I have recently also become part of the New Feminist Law Professors collaborative blog; and every so often I send the guys over at Workplace Prof Blog some stuff, which is then promptly devised into a post, being the excellent, active blog that it is. Thanks again for having me! Lobel, Signing Off.

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Orly, a Brazilian thanks for your efforts this past month, and many kudos to you on the HLR placement. We'll have to do a "prawfs-in" when you ssrn it! See you back here soon. D.

Posted by: Dan Markel | Apr 2, 2006 10:10:39 PM

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