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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

US News law school rankings for 2007

Update: As I mentioned elsewhere, I think there's a good claim of fair use for the amount that we initially reproduced of USNews' rankings.  That said, we're not interested in staking a claim on this issue; I recently had a conversation with the nice folks in the General Counsel's office of USNews and I'm complying with their polite request to take the materials down in exchange for their assurances not to pursue the matter further with us.

Take a look at the rankings on USNews' site.

I'll forbear from making too many comments right now about the relative merits of USNEWs judgments.  Obviously the kinds of things important to junior faculty may be different from those of significance to applicants and employers.  My own sense is that FSU's 3-level rise is a good success, though not quite as dramatic as last year's eleven-place elevation; it's 53 ranking seems inaccurate as an indicator of the quality of intellectual life among its faculty.  Of course, other schools--Chicago-Kent; Miami; USD; and Cardozo--could make similar complaints.  But as flawed or misplaced as the rankings are on various levels, they do help keep the deans from falling asleep at the wheel.

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