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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Religiously Affiliated Law Schools conference

Some Prawfsblawg readers might be interested in this conference, "The 6th Conference of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools," to be held in late-March at Baylor.  Here's a promo blurb: 

At our best, religiously-affiliated law schools provide our students not only with knowledge of the law, but also with a place to confront the idea of justice. The purpose of this conference is to renew the bonds among our schools, celebrate the diversity of faiths we practice, and contemplate the meaning of justice within these many traditions and the practice of law.

The conference will be hosted by Baylor Law School, in our beautiful new Sheila & Walter Umphrey Law Center on the banks of the Brazos River in Waco, Texas. We have scheduled the conference for the most enjoyable time of the year in Texas, when the weather is warm but not hot and the bluebonnets are blooming throughout the area.

Several exciting panels, examining different aspects of the idea of justice and featuring panelists from many member schools, will be presented. In addition, two sessions will offer broader participation. One will be an "open discussion," in which any participant who signs up while space is available will be allowed four minutes to comment on the topic of "Seeing Injustice." This topic is intentionally vague, to promote a broad discussion of justice issues within society and the academy.

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