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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My thanks to Ethan for his warm introduction.  A little about me:

I am a law professor at the University of San Diego where I teach bioethics and criminal law.  I also run the Neuroethics & Law Blog, which just had its one year anniversary.   Neuroethics is a subset of bioethics which deals with the legal and ethical implications of advances in the neurosciences.  Some topics of recent interest include (1) brain scanning technologies to detect lies or to better market products, (2) pharmaceuticals to enhance our mood, attitude, cognition, and sleep (3) the insanity doctrine as informed by neuroimaging, and much much more.  In its edgier moments, we ask the deep questions of life, like "what is it about our brain that distinguishes us (or fails to distinguish us) from really smart primates or  computers?"  (Okay, that last part was just my attempt to get you to follow this link to a surprisingly life-like, somewhat bizarre video of a pseudo-Albert Einstein.)  It's great to be here!

Next time, I'll tell you some more about what I've been working on.

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